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Appello Bulgaria Ltd. was founded at the end of 2011 with the main operational area – powder coating. The equipment in the production plant is specialized for aluminium pre-treatment as our main targets are painting of aluminium profiles for architectural use, however, we proceed coating of all kinds of metals under specific conditions.


Since the very beginning of our operations, the highest quality and customer satisfaction are our targets as we believe that long–term customer relations and good vision on the market are the keys to success.



At the moment the company has :


          - Qualicoat quality certificate N 4103 with Seaside approvement.

          - Tiger Drylac quality certificate.

          - Production areas of 3000 sqm.

          - 1 semi-Automated powder coating production line with a capacity of 250 tones of architectural profiles per month.

          - Fully equipped laboratory for quality analysis 

          - Integrated software for full process planning and control

          - Capacity and expertise for consulting, planning and execution of large scale architectural projects  -  part of powder coating 


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