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Powder Coating

Our coating plant is specialized for Architectural coating of aluminium profiles. 

We can offer complete services in all step of your projects according your aluminium coloring.

           * Consulting - providing information and advice about the best solution for your needs. 

           * Logistic support - receiving your profiles directly from your supplier and doing all of the necessary checks. 

              * Quality inspection of Raw materials 

              * Powder coating 

              * Polyamide protection - cover the visible polyamides for thermo-braked profiles. 

              * Packaging according your requirements and needs. 

              * Transport

Apello Bulgaria Ltd. is certified with the following  quality certificates:

- Qualicoat  with Sea Side Endorcemet 

  Certificate number : 4103

- Tiger Certificate of qualification 

  Certificate number : TC01/2018

Coating  Process - step by step

  1. Chemical Pre-Tratment

  2. Drying

  3. Hanging

  4. ​Powder Coating

  5. ​Powder Curing

  6. Quality check

  7. ​Packaging

Chemical Pre-Treatment


The most Important part of the coating process is the chemical Pre-Treatment. In order to ensure the highest possible quality the metal to be coated should be Degreased and coated with chemical film to ensure adhesion between the metal and the powder.


The drying of the metal after chemical treatment is essential in order to seal the adhesive film.


The process of hanging the metal in appropriate way in order to be able to coat the significan surface of the profiles.

Powder Coating

The process of applying the powder on the profiles using automatic powder guns. 

Powder Curing 

The second most important process, the powder coated aluminium is cured in specialized box oven according the powder producer requirements under strictly controled enviroment. 

Quality check

The qualiry of all coated orders is  strictly controlled under Qualicoat quality requirements and procedures.

Archive of all parameters is kept for the guarantee period. 

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